President Trump arrives at the Elysee Palace to meet French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris, November 10, 2018.  President Trump is joining the 70 World Leaders‘ Centennial Commemorations in Paris to mark the ending of World War I in 1918.

    Pushing diplomatic strength, President Trump repeatedly demanded that “US allies to share more of the cost burden of their defense”.

      “We want to help Europe, but it has to be fair,” Trump said.  “We just want to absolutely be there, we want to help, we want to be a part of it, but different countries also has to help”.


President Trump Promotes🇺🇸NATIONALISM🇺🇸Worldwide🌎

   Pushing🇺🇸NATIONALISM🇺🇸, President Trump rolled in France to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ending of World War I.💯

     The institutions of the European Union and NATO were meant to prevent the repeat of such uber-nationalist carnage.  

     Yet, despite the presence of 70 world leaders for the ceremony on November 11, French President Macron is fighting an uphill battle, with Germany’s 🇩🇪Angel Merkel on her way out, and populist nationalist parties gaining strength across the continent.🌏


President🇺🇸Trump Marks WWI🌎Armistice 💯Centenary🇺🇸

    In🇫🇷France, President🇺🇸Trump visited the Suresnes🇺🇸American Cemetary where 1,541🇺🇸Americans who died in WWI and 24 from WWII were buried.

      “On this day in the year of 1918, church bells rang out and celebrations ensued”, Trump told the crowd.  “But victory came at a terrible cost“, he added. “Countless would come home bearing the grisly scars of trench warfare.”

     “Paying tribute to the French 🇫🇷and 🇺🇸American soldiers who fought side-by-side”, Trump said.

”You cannot fight better than we🇺🇸fought🇫🇷together.”💯